Welkin International Ltd., a Korea- Bangladesh Joint Venture company, is mainly involved with importing of all kinds of auto-parts of Korean Vehicles. Besides, Welkin imports & sells all kinds of Korea made accessories and different types of 3M (Korea) products in the local market.

We are specialized in sourcing and supplying of auto parts of commercial vehicles and other products such as luxurious seats and air conditioner for commercial buses.

Welkin is also involved with trading & indenting of various industrial chemicals. Welkin has strong presence in the auto parts sector in Korea and has its own office in Seoul, Korea.

We provide original parts for the following vehicles -

Light Vehicles - Hyundai, Kia, and Ssang yong.

Commercial Vehicles -  Hyundai and Daewoo.  

Welkin is also authorized distributor of Myung Bo who are producer of all kinds of luxurious seats for commercial buses.

We directly import the parts from the original manufacturers in Korea and also maintain             inventory for fast moving items. We are supplying those parts  to the various retail as well as whole sale dealers of auto parts in Bangladesh. Besides, we are also providing support to various corporate houses those have a substantial number of Korean vehicles.

Objectives and Values:

Being a trading and marketing company, we have two-fold objectives: firstly, sourcing of original auto-parts and other products from parent companies and selling those to local market with competitive price and secondly, enhancing the market shares of our businesses by ensuring uninterrupted supplies of dependable products to our valuable customers.

Keeping commitment, providing genuine products and dealing honestly with all parties related to our business are our core values. Here we will remain uncompromising and that is our strength, we believe.
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